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Find the best service & technology providers for your individual use case.


Ensure trust, quality and references of potential suppliers.


Benefit from efficient communication, transaction and project management.

Technology Sales


Obtain qualified leads of customers that are an exact match for your offerings.


We ensure efficient communication with the right people to reduce your sales costs and speed up cash flow


Use to showcase your capabilities and obtain visibility in B2B-markets.

Why Digital Partners?

We reduce technology complexity to help established manufacturing businesses making informed technology decisions. Gain a transparent market overview to innovate and collaborate with the best technology partners for your individual use case. Execute projects faster, with all collaborators connected on one platform.


Partnerships Created


Supplier Database


Business Users

Use Cases

Predictive Maintenance & Machine Learning

We compared and coordinated suppliers to equip a consumer durables product with an ultrasonic sensor to perform automated functionality and condition monitoring.

RFID & Device Tracking

For a high-security use case, we connected a development agency and chip suppliers to conceptualize and implement a tracking solution for catastrophy prevention.

Innovation & Knowledge Exchange

To leverage knowledge of Manufacturing Companies and Tech Startups, we matched both sides for Ideation and Prototyping, based on their objectives and expertise.

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